Recharge Robi Pre-Paid Number through payPoint

Recharge Type : Pre-Paid Only

  1. To increase your VISA/Master Card Transaction limit please contact us
  2. NO additional fee or charge is added by payPoint or the Banks. See FAQ
  3. If you face any problem while doing any transaction using Q-Cash, please call your card issuer bank immediately and request an increase in your account’s e-commerce limit
  4. Currently all VISA*, MasterCard*, Q-cash, bKash and DBBL Nexus cards are accepted
  5. International credit cards both VISA and MasterCard are accepted
  6. Maximum number of Successful top-up per day to one beneficiary account is 5.
  7. Maximum beneficiary balance in any moment is BDT 5,000 . (The top-up request of BDT150 will fail if the beneficiary has BDT 4,900 in his account)
  8. Maximum value can be transferred in one transaction is BDT 1000.
  9. Minimum value can be transferred in one transaction is BDT 50.
  10. Maximum value can be top-up per day in one beneficiary BDT 5,000 . (Beneficiary balance cannot exceed BDT 5,000).
  11. Can not top-up within 300 seconds (5 minutes) in same beneficiary number (Recharge to the same beneficiary number within 3000 ms will fail only if the first transaction to that number is successful). But can send top-up to different beneficiary within 300 seconds.
  12. Can not top-up any value with decimal number. (Example: 10.50).
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